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How Fast Is A Formula E Car?

Formula E cars are now faster than ever before, thanks to the brand-new Gen3 cars that were introduced for the 2023 season.

In this post, I take a look at the question ‘How Fast Is A Formula E Car?’, compare the new Gen3 cars to the old Gen2 cars, and also compare Formula E to F1, F2 & IndyCar.

How Fast Is A Formula E Car?

The new Gen3 Formula E cars can reach speeds of up to 200 mph (320 kmh), and boast a huge 470 BHP.

Formula E Top Speed (Gen3)
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This a huge improvement from the Gen2 era (2018 – 2022) cars, which only reached speeds of up to 174 mph (280 kmh) and carried 335 BHP.

The Gen3 cars don’t just eclipse the Gen2 cars on speed either, as the new Gen3 cars are even more sustainable than their predecessor, capable of recovering over 40% of their energy used (as opposed to 25% in Gen2).

Top Speed174 mph
(280 kmh)
200 mph
(320 kmh)
Energy Recovery25%40%

You can find a full Gen2 vs Gen3 comparison table below.

Formula E Cars 0-60

With the Gen3 season only just beginning, there are no stats on 0-60 speed as of yet, but the Gen2 cars could reach 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds.

For comparison, a Formula One car can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

Formula E Cars BHP

The total BHP of a Gen3 (2023 & beyond) car is 445 BHP, which is a jump from 335 BHP compared to the Gen2 era Formula E car.

Formula E Car Weight

The Gen3 Formula E car’s minimum weight is set at 840 kg, which is slightly higher than Formula One cars, which have a minimum weight of 798kg.

Formula E Gen3 Compared To Gen2 Stats

Overall length5200mm5016.2mm
Overall height1063.5mm1023.4mm
Overall width1800mm1700mm
Minimum weight (incl. driver)900kg840kg
Maximum power250kW (335bhp)350kW (470bhp)
Maximum regeneration250kW600kW
Energy recoveryApprox 25%Over 40%
Top speed280kmh / 174mph320kmh / 200mph
PowertrainRear onlyFront & rear

Formula E Compared To Other Race Series

Below we break down the key metrics of a Formula E car and compare it against Formula One, Formula Two & IndyCar.

Formula E vs F1

Formula E (Gen3)Formula 1
Top Speed (MPH)200 mph218.5 mph*
Top Speed (KMH)(320 kmh)351.6 kmh
BHP470 BHP1050 BHP

*This top speed was set by Kevin Magnussen in qualifying for the 2022 Mexico City Grand Prix.

Formula E vs F2 (Formula 2)

Formula E (Gen3)Formula 2
Top Speed (MPH)200 mph208 mph
Top Speed (KMH)(320 kmh)335 kmh

Formula E vs IndyCar

Formula E (Gen3)IndyCar
Top Speed (MPH)200 mph235 mph
Top Speed (KMH)(320 kmh)378 kmh
BHP470 BHP600 – 750 BHP

Do Formula E Cars Have Gears?

Another factor in speed is the optimal use of changing gears during a race. Electric cars don’t usually need gears but Formula E cars do have transmissions to help optimise the performance of the battery and to add an extra competitive factor within the race.

Is A Tesla Faster Than A Formula E Car?

The Tesla Model S had a top speed of 200 mph, which is the same speed as the new Gen3 Formula E car. The Model S also has an impressive 0-60 of 2.4 seconds, which is faster than a Formula E car.

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