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How Long Is An F1 Race?

The number of laps for an F1 race changes depending on the circuit, as circuits have different overall lap distances. Due to this, the length of a race is determined by distance.

What is the distance of an F1 race? 

According to Formula 1 rules, a race must be a minimum of 305km long (or 190 miles). So, as the driver completes their last lap, they will have crossed the 305km mark at some point. The longest race in the 2022 schedule in terms of distance was the French GP (Paul Ricard circuit), with a distance of 309.6km

How many laps are in an F1 race?

As mentioned above, an F1 race is set by distance, not laps. The number of laps are set by working out how many laps are needed to reach 305km.

Monaco – An Exception To The Rule 

Monaco is a street circuit, with plenty of slow turns. This means it takes the drivers longer to complete each lap. 
In order to finish in under two hours, the Monaco Grand Prix is only 260km as opposed to the normal 305km.

How long is an F1 race? 

Again, this depends on the specific track. But the one rule you should know is that no race can last longer than two hours. 

There are a couple of exceptions to the rule, however. 

If a race is suspended, due to either an accident or because of weather, the total race time can be extended to three hours. If the time hasn’t been extended, and the drivers still haven’t completed the full amount of laps, they are given an ‘end of race’ signal once the two hours is reached, and the race is finished.

F1 race distance points system explained

For the 2022 season, new rules were introduced regarding how many points drivers score if races are cut short and don’t go the full distance. 

This issue came to light due to the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, where only two laps were completed due to bad weather. Despite only two laps being completed (whilst under the safety car), drivers were awarded half points. This essentially means Max Verstappen was handed a win due to his good performance in qualifying.

For the 2022 season, the rules have been changed to make sure points aren’t unfairly awarded if races are cut short or can’t be properly complete. There are now different points awarded depending on the following situations; 

  • Two laps complete but less than 25% of race distance 
  • 25% of race completed but less than 50% of race distance 
  • 50% of race completed but less than 75% of race distance

2022 Circuits Laps & Distance

RaceCircuitCircuit LengthRace DistanceLaps
Bahrain GPBahrain International5.4km308.2km57
Saudi Arabian GPJeddah Corniche6.1km308.4km50
Australian GPAlbert Park5.2km306.1km58
Emilia-Romagna GPEnzo Dino Ferrari4.9km309km63
Miami GPMiami International5.4km308.3km57
Spanish GPCircuit de Barcelona4.6km308.4km66
Monaco GPCircuit de Monaco3.3km260km78
Azerbaijan GPBaku City Circuit6km306km51
Canadian GPCircuit Gilles-Villaneuve4.3km305.2km70
British GPSilverstone5.8km306.1km52
Austrian GPRed Bull Ring4.3km306.4km71
French GPPaul Ricard5.8km309.6km53
Hungarian GPHungaroring4.3km306.6km70
Belgian GPSpa-Francorchamps7km308km44
Dutch GPZandvoort4.2km306.5km72
Italian GPMonza5.7km306.7km53
Singapore GPMarina Bay5km308.7km61
Japanese GPSuzuka5.8km307.4km53
United States GPCircuit of the Americas5.5km308.4km56
Mexican GPHermanos Rodriguez4.3km305.3km71
Sao Paolo GPInterlagos4.3km305.8km71
Abu Dhabi GPYas Marina5.2km306.1km58

Circuit with the longest lap distance 

Spa-Francorchamps (The Belgian GP) is the longest lap in terms of distance out of all the circuits on the 2022 race calendar, with a total lap distance of 7km.

Circuit with the shortest lap distance

The circuit with the shortest lap distance is Monaco, with a lap distance of just 3.3km. This is under half the distance of the longest circuit, Spa-Francorchamps. Monaco also has the shortest race distance (260km), and the most laps (78).

Circuit with the longest race distance 

The circuit with the longest race distance is Paul Ricard (French GP), with a total race distance of 309.6km. 

Circuit with the least amount of laps 

The circuit with the least amount of laps is Spa-Francorchamps, with just 44 laps. 

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