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How Many Races Are There In F1? (Updated For 2023 Season)

The number of F1 races changes each season, and the upcoming 2023 season will have the most races of an F1 season ever.

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    How Many Races Are There In F1?

    The number of races in an F1 season changes from season to season and depends on a variety of factors, most recently including issues around the pandemic.

    How many Formula One races are there in F1 2023 Season?

    The F1 2023 Calendar will consist of 23 Grand Prix. This is a record number of races for an F1 season, with the 2022 F1 Season having 22 races.

    The 2023 season was supposed to have 24 races, but the Chinese Grand Prix was cancelled due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

    F1 had agreed with teams that the season would be capped at 24 races per season, so it remains to be clear if F1 bosses will replace the Chinese Grand Prix with another venue. If the Chinese Grand Prix isn’t replaced, then 23 races would still be a record number of races in a single F1 season.

    How long is an F1 season?

    The F1 season typically runs between March & November. For the 2023 season, the season starts on the 5th of March in Bahrain and finished on the 26th of November in Abu Dhabi.

    There have been some times when the F1 season hasn’t run from March – November, including the pandemic-hit 2020 season, which ran from July – December.

    Which Races Are New For F1 2023?

    Las Vegas Grand Prix Street Circuit Layout
    Brand new Las Vegas GP Track Layout – Image via Wikipedia

    The brand new race for the new season is the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place on the 19th of November 2022, and will be the second to last race on the calendar. It is also both a night race and a street race, which always makes things much more exciting.

    The Qatar Grand Prix is returning to the calendar again for 2023 after taking a one-year break whilst it was hosting the football World Cup.

    Which races won’t be returning for 2023?

    The French Grand Prix, held at the Paul Ricard Circuit, won’t be returning for 2023. The circuit came back on the calendar for the 2021 season, but their contract expired at the end of 2022 and F1 ultimately decided not to renew.

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